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mymovingreviews 25 Reviews
Undamaged Moving

I’m delighted I used your services for the first time because everything came undamaged. Thank you and your transportation company for expertly bringing my furniture from AL to NY.


Source: My Moving Reviews

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homeadvisor 17 Reviews
I Will Recommend Your Company

I was worried about moving my heavy, cumbersome furniture, but the movers did easy work. On time, They reassured me that everything was in good hands. In addition, I recommend your services to my relatives.


Source: Google Reviews

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gmb 50 Reviews
Delay on my Belongs

I used this company to move my belongings from New York to Colorado. It has been more than 20 days and my belongings still stays in NJ warehouse. I have texted, called and emailed to them many times, each time they either cut me off, immediately transferred me to another line, or gave me misinformation. I was told again and again that my belongings was uploaded into a trailer and the dispatcher was leaving next day or had left a few minutes ago. Now I received email that they are waiting to assign me a driver. I am very frustrated. I can’t trust them anymore as their words contradict to each other. In addition, I noticed that the BBB profile for this company has an alert. I am quite concerned and wondering when I am going to get my belongings, or whether I am going to receive my belongings at all.


Source: Google Reviews

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bbb 33 Reviews
Excellent service

Excellent company, extremely professional job with my state-to-state move. They packed, stored and moved my items so that I experienced no damage or lost items. I have several heirloom antique pieces and they all arrived safely. The whole process was so smooth. I highly recommend these guys.


Source: Better Business Bureau

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Yelp 32 Reviews
Great Team

Love this company so much they really are true angels and have been so cool to me they discounted my drive time and took care of all my merchandise and even helped me move my grand piano ,being that i live in a really big space i am so happy that i moved with them because they were so professional and went above and beyond to make sure that all the deadlines were reached and made sure that the integrity of our belongings were upheld i would definitely book you guys again thank you so much for my experience oh and not to forget they don’t use uhaul products everything was boxed and wrapped professionally and they also didn’t even charge me for the stairs.


Source: Yelp

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