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ROADRUNNER is offering local, long-distance, and overseas moving jobs, along with the large network of research we have been able to establish a fast and reliable transportation solutions and storage services.

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I am an experienced Mover. I’ve lived in 15 states and eight countries. This has been the absolute worst experience ever. I’m so disgruntled I can barely talk about the inefficient service. Select a more reputable company to move.

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mymovingreviews 25 Reviews
Best Movers Ever

Best. Movers. Ever. We moved from a three-story house to a two-story house, and we were happy from the first call to their follow-up call the next day after our move. Antonio’s crew were so professional, timely, protected all of our furniture well with blankets and plastic wrap, covered our wood floors, communicated VERY well about our wishes, wore masks, and overall were just the best. There was nothing they couldn’t or wouldn’t do! And the price was phenomenal for the work they did. They did not stop. I could not recommend them enough.


Source: My Moving Reviews 

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homeadvisor 17 Reviews
Very Highly recommended

They came in, packed us, moved us, and set our furniture up in the new apartment. And even through a delay with our new building, they were incredibly nice and accommodating throughout the whole move. Very Highly recommended.


Source: Home Advisor

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bbb 33 Reviews
I would recommend them

We moved, which was stressful both financially and in terms of damage, and I’ve told friends and neighbours about it, but we didn’t hear anything about that from them. Despite the fact that I might be a picky consumer, I was happy with the end outcome and would recommend them.


Source: Better Business Bureau

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movers 1 Reviews
On time

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your services. I needed a quick move, and you were able to meet my needs by moving my furniture in two days—and for a very reasonable price. Thank you again!

Source: Yelp

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roytaylor848 1 Reviews
Roadrunner Review

Roadrunner transit agreed to pick up two non-flammable inert gas bottles (argon and co2). They cannot haul flammable gas or oxgen, which is standard in the industry. The Driver picked them up and confirmed with me that they can ship non-flammable gas. While in transit, somebody at roadrunner wrote “oxi tanks” on the inventory, even though they were labeled Argon and Co2. They said they cannot haul oxygen, but these bottles were not oxygen. Instead of shipping them like they were supposed to, They kept the bottles. Therefore, these were stolen. Local police have been notified, but the bottles are unable to locate.

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The best reference

I was referred to Roadrunner Moving by a friend and I am so glad that they were able to help me. They took care of everything, including packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, as well as any other little details that I needed help with. The movers were friendly, fast, and efficient. It was a great experience!

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Great moving!

They were really accommodating, and I’m happy I chose them over other movers. They have a warm staff and a professional attitude. They gave a reasonable estimate and pledged to give the best services. They properly managed the move and arrived when they said they would. Additionally, the delivery was on-time and proper. Eventually, all of my belongings reached their destination unharmed.

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Roadrunner Moving 5 stars!

Roadrunner Moving receives 5 stars! We moved within Los Angeles in NOV. Our moving crew did very professional and efficient job! They were on time and took extra care in protecting my furniture while moving belongings down a staircase. They made this move as easy as possible for us! I was surprised they gave us a great price for the job. Thank you!!! I highly recommend Roadrunner Moving services.

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Easy and professional service!

We were very pleased with the service provided by Roadrunner Moving. We had a difficult move (moving to a new city and having to deal with a lot of personal belongings) and they made it simple. Our movers were extremely professional and friendly, and even helped us pack our boxes for storage before the move. It was clear that they cared about our move as much as we did, which made it easy to trust their expertise. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great moving experience!

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byoung551645 1 Reviews
Horrible experience!!!

🚨 Source> My Moving Reviews 🚨

It has gotten so bad, that my wife and I are moving legally against this company. Jack and Chris R. Out of the Fremont location should be the last option for anyone moving. This company has only made our emergency move more difficult and stressful. Damaged belongings, poor planning and operations, and RUDE individuals.

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admin47 1 Reviews
Loved the crew! Efficient and handled my belongings with care

Loved the crew! Efficient and handled my belongings with care. So easy to book within my time frame. Loved RoadRunner Moving

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bwr5n 2 Reviews
We recently had a very pleasant experience with hiring Roadrunner movers

We recently had a very pleasant experience with hiring Roadrunner movers. First off their price was more competitive than the bigger guys. Second, we were impressed with their frequent communication and care for our stuff. All in all, they have very courteous moving associates and team leaders. We would definitely hire them again for our moving needs.

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