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7 Reviews for Legacy Moving Group LLC

facebook 12 Reviews
No Respect for Timelines

🚨 Source> Facebook Reviews🚨

Legacy Moving Group LLC had no regard for our time or schedule. They missed our agreed-upon delivery window by days, leaving us without essential items. When we finally received our belongings, several valuable and sentimental items were damaged. The lack of accountability and poor service is unacceptable.

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angie 12 Reviews
Chaotic and Unorganized

🚨 Source> Angi 🚨

Our experience with Legacy Moving Group LLC was marked by chaos and disorganization. They mixed up our belongings with someone else’s, and we ended up with items that didn’t belong to us. It took weeks to sort out the mess, and the stress and inconvenience were unbearable. This company is a complete mess.

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homeadvisor 17 Reviews
Deceptive Quoting Practices

🚨 Source> Home Advisor 🚨

Beware of Legacy Moving Group LLC and their dishonest quoting practices. They provided a low estimate to win our business, but once they had our possessions, the price suddenly skyrocketed. They held our items hostage until we paid the inflated amount. It’s a classic bait-and-switch, and I feel scammed.

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mymovingreviews 25 Reviews
Movers from Hell

🚨 Source> My Moving Reviews 🚨

The movers sent by Legacy Moving Group LLC were a disaster. They arrived late, with no clear plan, and seemed like they had never done this before. They dropped several of our boxes, resulting in broken items, and they couldn’t handle our fragile items properly. This was a traumatic experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

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gmb 50 Reviews
Utterly Unreliable

🚨 Source> Google Reviews 🚨

Legacy Moving Group LLC left us high and dry on our moving day. Despite confirming our appointment weeks in advance, they failed to show up, and we had to scramble to find an alternative at the last minute. Their lack of professionalism and disregard for our time and plans were inexcusable.

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bbb 33 Reviews
Worst Customer Service Ever

🚨 Source> Better Business Bureau 🚨

Dealing with Legacy Moving Group LLC has been a nightmare. They were rude and unhelpful on the phone, and when things went wrong during the move, they simply washed their hands of it. Our belongings were delayed, and when they finally arrived, many were damaged. I strongly advise against using this moving company; they have no concern for customer satisfaction.

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Yelp 32 Reviews
Late, Lazy, and Unprofessional

🚨 Source> Yelp 🚨

The movers from Legacy Moving Group LLC arrived late and looked like they had just rolled out of bed. They moved at a snail’s pace and took far longer than necessary to complete the job, racking up extra charges. Our items were carelessly handled, and they even damaged our walls. This company is a disaster from start to finish.

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