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Alaska Terminals Inc

Moving and Storage Company with Locations in Anchorage and Fairbanks.


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7 Reviews for Alaska Terminals Inc

facebook 12 Reviews
Worst Experience Ever!

🚨 Source> Facebook Reviews 🚨

The moving crew from Alaska Terminals Inc was extremely unprofessional. They arrived late, looked disheveled, and seemed completely unprepared. They mishandled our fragile items, resulting in significant damage to our furniture. To make matters worse, they charged us extra fees that were not disclosed upfront. Avoid this company at all costs!”

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angie 12 Reviews
Avoid at All Costs

🚨 Source> Angie 🚨

I wouldn’t wish the experience I had with Alaska Terminals Inc on my worst enemy. They were late, disorganized, and handled my belongings with complete disregard. Numerous items were damaged, and some were even lost in the process. When I tried to address these issues, I was met with hostility and a refusal to take responsibility. This company is a disgrace to the moving industry.

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mymovingreviews 25 Reviews
Stay Far Away

🚨 Source> My Moving Reviews 🚨

My experience with Alaska Terminals Inc was a complete disaster. They displayed a shocking level of unprofessionalism from start to finish. The crew was careless with my possessions, resulting in substantial damage. The lack of communication and accountability was infuriating. To make matters worse, they refused to provide any sort of compensation for the damage they caused. This company is an absolute nightmare.

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homeadvisor 17 Reviews
Incompetence at Its Finest

🚨 Source> Home Advisor 🚨

I have never encountered a more unprofessional moving company than Alaska Terminals Inc. They arrived late, ill-equipped, and lacked any semblance of organization. The crew mishandled my belongings, leading to significant damage. When I expressed my frustration, I was met with defensiveness and a complete lack of accountability. This company should be avoided at all costs.

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Yelp 32 Reviews
A Nightmare Moving Experience

🚨 Source> Yelp 🚨

Using Alaska Terminals Inc was a huge mistake. The crew was slow, disorganized, and seemed to have no clue about proper packing techniques. As a result, several of my items were broken beyond repair. When I tried to address the issue, the customer service was dismissive and unhelpful. Save yourself the headache and go with a reputable moving company.

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bbb 33 Reviews
What a Joke

🚨 Source> Better Business Bureau 🚨

6 hrs to move a packed 1 bd apartment, no appliances included!! They took 3 hrs to load but only 1.5hr to unload?!? . Often, found them just standing around socializing w neighbors and playing with pets! Then, I was charged an overtime fee when promised I wouldn’t. Very disappointed and disgusted by these people’s work ethic!

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gmb 50 Reviews
If I could give zero or negative stars, I would.

🚨 Source> Google Reviews 🚨

1. They stole prescription medications out of my bedside table. Make sure any valuables, medications, etc are well hidden.

2. They broke one of the legs off the couch, and they didn’t bother to tell me. I only discovered it after they left, when the couch collapsed as soon as I sat down.

3. They are required to lay down carpet protectors, but they did so only halfway to one of the two bedrooms of my apartment – no protectors for the other bedroom, the living room, etc. Both old and new apartments ended up with carpet stains. They also didn’t remove the carpet protectors after, as they are supposed to do (although this is partially on me – I was anxious about the time being charged and wanted to avoid paying another full hour).

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